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What it would Take

Our Mission - Our Focus

This site was prompted by Dark, Administrator at, and the leading advocate for blind-accessible computer games. He's repeatedly asked by developers, "What would it take to make my game blind accessible?" is our attempt to answer that question with:
  • Explanations of screen readers and self voicing
  • Specific technical solutions and design suggestions
  • A checklist-like set of suggested guidelines
These can be used by developers to:
  • Determine whether a game should or could be made blind accessible
  • Decide whether to implement self voicing and / or screen reader accessibility
  • Know which techniques are available to implement the above
These can also be used by gamers to:
  • Determine whether a game they like should or could be made blind accessible
  • Identify which features need changing, and how
  • Have a place to send developers who ask "What specifically would it take?"
We've gathered this information in the process of building 25 commercial blind-accessible games of our own and learning from other developers of blind-accessible games.

We focus here on Windows and to some extent, Mac games, because those are what we've coded ourselves. However, the information and suggestions here apply to games on other platforms such as consoles, smart phones, tablets, and browsers.

Our examples tend to be in the Java language; again because that's what we code in ourselves. However, they apply equally well to C++ and other languages.

The information and suggestions herein apply not just to games. Software used in business or at home by people who are blind need the same accessibiity as games, and can apply the same solutions.

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